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Possibly One of the Most Important Programs You Will Attend This Year!

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Online Wednesday, April 17, 2013!

7:00pm-8:30pm Central Time (Chicago Time)
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Energy Healers... Massage Therapists... Chiropractors... Reflexologists... Counselors... Social Workers...
Health Care Workers...
Nurses... Teachers... Workshop Leaders...
Customer Service Professionals...

Do you ever feel great walking into a room and soon feel drained... feel nauseous... feel depressed... feel physical pain... feel angry, even hostile... when you leave?  The only thing that changed was that you spent time in the energy of other people?

Our clients, customers, students, and patients can be toxic, and yet we are drawn to these professions because we are compassionate, heart-centered people. 

This creates a challenge... how do I stay open and available without sacrificing myself?

We are empathic, and we feel too much.  As we move through life, it is often difficult to tell the difference between our own emotions and energies and those of the people around us.  Therefore, we easily take on the energies around us.  Or, we give our energies away and deplete ourselves wanting to be helpful.  It is just in our nature.  Right?  It doesn't have to be.

More importantly, empathy brings with it some significant challenges and hidden costs... things you might never connect with empathy, but it also provides the gateway to amazing gifts when you know how to use it. 

If this sounds like you, then I want to invite you to a 90-minute online workshop that I am offering.  I am going to share with you information you can use right away to start making a difference to control your natural empathy. 

This isn't going to be a repeat of the same worn out messages that you've heard over and over again.  I've had a private energy healing and bodywork practice for nearly 30 years and I've been a teacher of this work for almost as long.  In that time, I've tried all the suggested tricks of the trade.  While most of those don't work when you need them most, I've discovered what does work to strengthen your boundaries while allowing you to stay open, available, and clear.

The information that I am going to share with you is so important that I don't want money to be in the way, so there is no cost to attend.  This is my gift to you.  But, seating is limited.  There are only so many lines into the webinar room. 

If this is you, and you want to attend, please sign up now.  Reserve your spot before we fill up.  Then, if you know of someone else who can benefit, please invite them to join us as well by registering below.

In this 90 minute, value-packed workshop, you will learn...

  • What exactly is Empathy and why are some more sensitive than others.
  • Why most techniques for "spiritual protection" don't work when you need them most... and what does.
  • The hidden challenges of empathy and how it may be affecting your life and you don't even realize it!
  • Tapping into the beautiful and sacred aspects of empathy.

Register today for the Caught in the Web Workshop!  You will take away understandings, tools and techniques that will make a difference... right now.

Pre-Requisites: None.

What if I can't attend the Live Event? 
Register anyway and set your attending preference to "Replay"!  We will be recording the webinar and will let you know how to access the replay. 

The advantage to attending the live event is you can ask questions during the program.  But if timing doesn't allow you to be there, the replay is the next best thing!  You can always submit your burning questions beforehand - send them to "rick@rickvrenios.com" with the subject line: Empathy Question



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