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Chakra Wisdom Book & CD Set

Chakra Wisdom Book & 2-CD Set
Psychology of Energy

Author:  Rick Vrenios, LMT
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2004

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Chakra Wisdom Set

This package set includes:

  • Book: Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom
    Chakra Wisdom, by Rick Vrenios, is the most comprehensive book on the Chakra System.  It explores the complete hierarchy of the etheric and astral matrix, including the Major, Mid-Range, and Minor Chakras, as well as the Three Centers of Consciousness.  Chakra Wisdom goes deeper examining how the layers work together to create the dynamics of life and evolution. 220 pages comb-binding
  • CD: Chakra Wisdom Guided Chakra Meditation
    The Chakra Wisdom Guided Meditation CD is a 24-minute guided meditation activating and clearing the chakras in their natural pairings and their natural order.  Featuring beautiful, soothing background music and the voice of Rick Vrenios guiding you through, both new and experienced meditators will love this CD!
  • CD: Chakra Wisdom Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique
    This extraordinary, narrated audio CD guides you through a powerful new healing technique that connects you with the complete natural evolution of energy through the chakra system. This method is ideal for self-healing, and perfect for two practitioner healing sessions.

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