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Podcasts from Rick Vrenios

Listen and Learn at your convenience!

Rick's audio and video webinars are offered as live and/or recorded events, and you can access them from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Rick's webinars are information-packed programs and a real sharing of valuable knowledge, insight, and tools you can use.  We won't waste your time with a 60-minute sales pitch.  While we may tell you about an opportunity at the very end, the program will be filled with valuable information you can use.
  • Awakening Your Intuitive Mind
    Recorded Live: August 10, 2011
    (Replay Available Now!)
    A Free Webinar Event
  • The Voices of the Chakras
    Thursday - September 8, 2011
    (Live Event - 7:00pm-8:30pm Central)
    A Free Webinar Event

Webinar - Empathy & Spiritual Protection

Free Event!
April 17, 2013 - Wednesday - 7:00pm-8:30pm
Caught in the Web
Empathy & Spiritual Protection Mini-Workshop
A Free Webinar Event

As an energyworker, massage therapist, health care professional, counselor, teacher, or other service professional, are you ever concerned about taking on the energy of your clients or patients?

Do you ever feel drained after being with certain people?

Do you suddenly feel unexplained emotional shifts going from happy to depressed and the only difference is you spent time with someone?

You are probably a natural empath and your boundaries are leaving you vulnerable to energies and emotions happening around you.  If this is you, this mini-workshop is exactly for you!  Learn how to use your gifts in a healthy and self-empowering way without the costs and consequences of unmanaged empathy.

Click Here for Details and to Reserve Your Spot!

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Webinar - Three Ways to Feel More Connected

Free Event!
Announcing Soon, 2013 - Wednesday - 7:00pm-8:30pm
The Energy Forces that Direct (or Block) the Momentum of Your Life
A Free Webinar Event

Our lives are governed by the etheric forces of our energy system.  These forces can either propel us forward into exciting evolution or they can keep us in repeating patterns.  Over and over we try to change, but we get the same results.  No matter how dedicated we are, it is like we are locked in a mould and can't break free.

Come discover how our chakras and our energy system forms a sort of blueprint that defines who we are are... a comfort zone that won't change unless we know the reset code.

Join author Rick Vrenios for this informative 90-minute webinar and learn...

  • Why you are being blocked from moving forward!
  • The essentials of how your energy system works to shape the dynamics of your life.
  • How to recognize your Energy Blueprint in action, and where you are getting in your own way.
  • The invitation that your Energy Blueprint is offering for your next step, how to RSVP, and start breaking free of the past!
  • Taking your relationship from "energy worker" to "energy partner".
If you find yourself in a repeating cycle that you want to break free...

If you have a vision, but getting from here to there isn't working...

If you are a Reiki Practitioner or other energy worker and want to take your work to the next level...

Sign up using the form below so you can give yourself a genuinely free 90-minute mini-workshop that will expand your horizons and open new doors of healing and transformation for you.

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Voices of the Chakras

Free Event!
September 8, 2011 - Thursday - 7:00pm-8:30pm
Voices of the Chakras
A Free Webinar Event

== Replay Is No Longer Available ==

Your Spirit speaks clearly into your life using the Seven Voices of Wisdom - Your Chakra System. 

This 90-minute program with Rick Vrenios explores deeper into the chakra system and its role giving your Spirit the power to express its desires and needs into your life. In these 90 minutes, we will take an in depth look at the Root Chakra as the first and most primal voice of the Spirit.

What is really important is that this is not just a vague and esoteric theory. This voice manifests loud and clear if you know how to listen!

You will learn...

* The role of the chakras as the communication bridge between the
   Spirit and the Physical Consciousness
* How the Chakras provide voice to the spirit
* How to recognize and hear the voice of Root Chakra
* The duality of the Root Chakra's Voice and what that means to you.
* How to use the Root Chakra's Voice to set your Spirit free in this life.

This is unique and powerful information that you have not experienced and that you can use now! You are going to understand and relate to your Root Chakra better and more clearly than you have ever before.

If you are ready to seek a Higher Energy... a Higher Light in your life, you want to make the time to be there at this live event.

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Intuitive Mind Webinar

Free Event! 
August 10, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:00pm-8:15pm
Awakening Your Intuitive Mind

~ Replay is No Longer Available! ~

The most frequently asked question that I hear is "How can I become more intuitive?"  Everyone is already intuitive.  It is part of our makeup, but we have learned to suppress it. 

Join me, Rick Vrenios, for this exciting, information-packed hour where you will learn the difference between your intuition and your psychic nature, why the difference is important, and simple, but effective practices and techniques that can help you awaken and harness your intuitive self. 

Your psychic nature depends on a strong intuitive mind, so join us for this free webinar event.  Questions will be accepted before and during the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?
Zero!  This program is on me.  You don't have to pay anything to attend.

If it is free, why do I have to register?
Fair question!  I have a limited number of telephone lines and web connections available.  By registering, we can ensure that you get a spot.  Also, by registering, you get access to the replay if you can't be there for the live program.

What if I can't be there on the Day and Time of the Event?
Sign up anyway!  I know schedules are full, so I am planning to record the event and post it as a replay for anyone who registered.  If you register, I will send you the details about how to access the replay as soon as it is available for viewing.

Please keep in mind though, there is no guarantee that the recording will be available.  We are dealing with computer systems and things go wrong on occasion.

How do I attend?
This program is simulcast as both a teleseminar (over the telephone) and a webinar (on a web page on the internet).  You choose which you prefer.  You get the details about how to access the program both ways when you register.

Can I ask questions?
Yes!  Please do.  I want to hear from you.

You can submit any questions before or during the live program by going to the webinar page (given at registration) and using the "Submit Questions" form.  I will answer as many as time allows on the program and I will answer those I can't get to by e-mail (so please include your e-mail address with your question).

Is this just a commercial?
I know that many advertised "webinars" on the internet are little more than a infomercial selling a product.  In this program, I am giving you a full hour (actually more than an hour) of insights, understandings, techniques and practices that work. 

Now, in the interests of full disclosure.  I do have to pay my bills, so at the very end, I will generally tell people who are interested about a way to go deeper with the information shared in the program.  But, that won't be until after I've shared the entire webinar.

Can I invite my friends?
Absolutely.  If you know of people who are interested in the webinar topic, please invite them to the program.  They can come at no cost as well.

Do you have a topic you would like to hear Rick speak about?  Send us your suggestion to: info@rickvrenios.com.

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