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2012 Workshop

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Go Beyond the Hype & Fear

Discover how the Chakra System is the Key
to Uncovering the Secrets of 2012

Tuesday May 29, 2012
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and the Discussion Group is Open. 
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You, like so many others, probably found your way to this page because you feel it.  You feel that undercurrent of psychic-emotional tension pushing you somewhere, but you aren't sure where. 

You feel the inner pullings to change parts of your life. 

Perhaps, you feel compelled to bring forgiveness to yourself and others about past situations. 

Perhaps you feel a sense of urgency to change the health of your body, change your relationships that aren't working, change your job that doesn't bring you satisfaction.

We have entered a time of spiritual transformation, and you are hearing the call.  Welcome to 2012!


The Mayan calendar is ancient, and yet it is still one of the most accurate calendars in existence. Mysteriously, it ends suddenly on December 21, 2012. Does this mean the end of times? Or, is there something profoundly important and beautiful in the message of this fascinating work of art and science?

The significance of the date goes beyond the Mayans. Nostradamus, the I-Ching, Merlin (the real one!), and others have pointed to this time as the start of the apocalypse. The date was even encoded into the Great Pyramid!

Discover how the Chakra Systems of every person, of the planet, and of the galaxy are undergoing a massive spiritual shift
and how you can evolve in this magical time of transformation.

Join one of the world’s leading experts of the Chakra System, Rick Vrenios for this fascinating look into the significance of our not-so-distant future, the meaning of current events, and the personal and spiritual transformations that are already underway.

Plus, you will learn simple, yet effective, practices you can use to maximize your experience during this time of spiritual transformation. A highlight among these is the personal Chakra Attunement to harmonize with the Astrological Forces associated with the 2012 Spiritual Shift in Consciousness.
Mayan Calendar


Mayan Pyramid 

Together, we will learn...

  • Why are so many feeling this urgent inner drive to change parts of ourselves, why is it there now, and what can we do about it?
  • The little known, yet stunning wisdom hidden in the Mayan Calendar and Mayan Pyramids, plus what that wisdom is trying to tell you.  It's not "doom-and-gloom!"
  • The powerful Unity of Time Meditation.

  • What is the connection between the message of the Mayan Calendar and the evolutionary shift happening simultaneously in the human energy system?

  • A Heart-Chakra Energy Attunement to help us harmonize our energies with this new era of spirituality.
  • Choosing and End to Suffering on Our Planet!

When you register, you will be given a unique login for the private workshop area. 

The program will be presented live on Tuesday May 29, 2012 at 7:00pm Central (Chicago) Time.  The course will run approximately two hours including time for questions and answers.

Can I Ask Questions?
Yes!  You can submit questions before the start of the event by e-mailing us at: info@rickvrenios.com and enter "2012 Question" in the subject line, or you can enter the workshop area (you'll receive instructions with your registration) and submit your questions using the Submit Questions form.

Questions may also be submitted from the workshop area during the workshop using the form.

What if I Miss the Workshop or Can't Attend at the Specified Time?
One of the great benefits of this online format is that Rick will be recording the program as it happens live.  So, if the time is not convenient for your schedule, you will be able to watch and listen to the replay almost immediately after the event has completed.

The recording will be available throughout the month of May so you can listen at a time when it is most convenient for you.

There is going to be a lot of great information presented, so this also means that if you want to review the program or refresh your memory about certain segments, you have a full month to review.

Can I Buy a Copy of the Recording?
Hmmm... good question.  Rick is considering that as a real possibility.  He will let you know at the webinar if this option is going to be available.

Is This a Real Workshop or Just a Commercial?
We know that many webinars are little more than a 60-minute sales pitch.  However, that is not the case with this program.  This is the exact same program that Rick has been teaching for live audiences for several years.  The only difference is that we are making it available to a world-wide audience through the internet.

Rick firmly believes that it is unfair to leave people without a way to go further if they choose.  So, he will tell you about an opportunity to participate in another interactive, online workshop associated 2012 shift.  It will not be a high-pressure sales offer, and this will not be until the very end of the program, so you can tune out if you prefer not to hear it without missing any part of the workshop.

Others have paid $25-30 to attend this workshop,
Special Price for this one offering is Only $20!

The Replay of the Live Event is Available and the Discussion Group is Open. 
You can still Register!

Pre-Requisites:  None. 
May 29, 2012 Online Webinar
Tues: 7:00pm-9:00pm
(Replay Recording Will Be Available through September 30, 2012)
Register Now

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Cancellation Policy:

  • This course is presented as an online webinar and teleseminar.  If you cannot attend the live presentation, the program will be available as a recording for 3 months for you to listen and watch at your convenience.
  • Courses are considered non-refundable, but fully transferrable.
  • If you cancel with at least 72 hours notice prior to the start of class, you will receive a 100% credit toward a future class registration or purchase in the form of a coupon code.  The coupon code is valid for 12 months from the date of the original class.
  • If you are a no-show, you will receive no credit for the missed class.
  • Group rate and Bring A Friend Registrations are final.
  • If we cancel the class, you may either apply the full credit toward a future class or receive a full refund.
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