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Instant Downloads - MP3s

Available immediately for instant download, you can purchase these recordings as MP3 files to play on your computer, iPod, or similar device.  Simple, safe, and convenient with instant delivery.

Note: When you select an item below, you will be taken to the publisher's web site to complete your purchase - www.sevenwisdoms.com.
BEing Reiki Meditations as MP3s

BEing Reiki 2-CD Set
MP3s - BEing Reiki - Guided Self-Healing Meditations
Reiki is commonly known as the world’s most popular system of energy healing, and yet its origins and most profound benefits are in the daily spiritual practice for self-empowerment and spiritual growth.  BEing Reiki is a set of four guided Self-Healing Meditations and Breathwork Exercises. Practiced regularly, these four meditations will shift your perspective from “doing” Reiki to “BEing Reiki”.   This 128-minute audio 2-CD set is available for instant download as four (4) MP3 files from Rick Vrenios.

* Bonus eBook! When you order the Set of 4, you also receive a free accompanying ebook with full explanations of how to get even more from with each exercise, an easy reference hand position chart and more.
Reg. $24.95  Only $14.95  -  Coming Soon!

Track Price Play Sample Purchase
BEing Reiki Self-Healing Meditations
Complete Set of
(Includes the Bonus eBook)
$14.95 ----- Coming Soon!
Guided Self-Healing Technique Only $7.95 Coming Soon!
Guided Joshin Kokyo Ho Breathwork Exercise Only $7.95 Coming Soon!
Guided Reiki "Earth Energy" Contemplation Only $7.95 Coming Soon!
Guided Reiki "Heaven Energy" Contemplation Only $7.95 Coming Soon!

Chakra Wisdom Meditations MP3 Set
MP3-CWSET Meditation CD 
MP3s - Chakra Wisdom Meditations
The Chakra Wisdom Guided Meditation MP3 is a 24-minute guided meditation activating and clearing the chakras in their natural pairings and their natural order.  The Chakra Wisdom Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique MP3 guides you through a powerful new process for using energy healing techniques for self-healing or as a treatment for others.
Reg. $14.95   Only $7.99

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Chakra Wisdom
Includes both the Meditation & Tandem Technique
$7.99 ----- Add to Cart
Guided Chakra Meditation Only $4.95 Add to Cart
Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique Only $4.95 Add to Cart

Inner Space Meditations CD
MP3s - Inner Space Meditations
Journey inward with these three guided meditations and discover new levels of health, clarity, and inner strength.  This is a 62-minute audio CD available for instant download as three (3) MP3 files from Rick Vrenios & Connie Harris.
Reg. $14.95   Only $10.00

Track Price Play Sample Purchase
Inner Space Meditations
Complete Set of 3
$10.00 ----- Add to Cart
Chakra Empowerment Meditation Only $4.95 Add to Cart
Healing Voyage
Meditation Only
$4.95 Add to Cart
Inner Space
Meditation Only
$4.95 Add to Cart

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