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Guided Technique CD Sets

These audio CDs and CD Sets are designed to
help you to more quickly learn the skills
whether self-growth, energy healing, reflexology
or others.
Therapeutic Reflexology Guided Technique CDs

BEing Reiki 2-CD Set
CD - BEing Reiki - Guided Self-Healing Meditations 2-CD Set
Reiki is commonly known as the world’s most popular system of energy healing, and yet its origins and most profound benefits are in the daily spiritual practice for self-empowerment and spiritual growth.  BEing Reiki is a set of four guided Self-Healing Meditations and Breathwork Exercises. Practiced regularly, these four meditations will shift your perspective from “doing” Reiki to “BEing Reiki”.  CDs include a bonus accompanying eBook for a limited time!
Reg. $24.95  Only $14.95  Pre-Publication Price (Order by Oct 31, 2014)
Ships November 14, 2014
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Chakra Wisdom Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique
CD-CWTAN Guided Technique CD 
CD - Chakra Wisdom -- Tandem Chakra Balancing Technique
This extraordinary, narrated audio CD guides you through a powerful new healing technique that connects you with the complete natural evolution of energy through the chakra system. This method is ideal for self-healing, and perfect for two practitioner healing sessions.
Only $15.00

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Therapeutic Reflexology Guided Technique 2-CD Set
CD-THRFLX  Guided Technique CD Set
CD - Therapeutic Reflexology - Guided Technique for Hands and Feet on 2-CD Set
Reflexology is quickly growing in popularity, and this 2-CD Set is a perfect companion for those learning our Therapeutic Reflexology System or anyone looking for an excellent Reflexology protocol that blends Reflexology, Zone Therapy, and Energy Work into a united touch that can only be described as "Blissfully Relaxing".  Rick Vrenios guides you through a 60-minute session for the Reflexes of the Feet on the first CD.  On CD 2, he guides you through a 30-minute session for the Hands as well as a 30-minute session for the feet.  This CD Set assumes you have a basic understanding of Reflexology techniques, as it is not a "teaching" CD.  Instead, Rick leads you through a therapeutic flow offering clear reminders and instruction for where to direct your attention and intention while staying on time through the technique.
Reg: $30.00   Sale: $24.95

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Talking With Angels Workshop on 2-CD Set
CD-TWA  Workshop on CD 
CD - Talking With Angels Workshop on 2-CD Set
Get the complete Talking With Angels Workshop and Angel Communication guided meditation as taught by Rick Vrenios on a 2-CD set.  Learn the difference between angels and spirit guides, why we lose contact, simple steps to heal the communication channels, and experience the guided meditation narrated by Rick Vrenios.
Reg: $24.95   Sale: $20.00

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