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CD of the Month Club
CD of the Month Club:  Metaphysics 101  
Explore the Infinite Power of the Mind & Spirit

Author:  Rick Vrenios & Connie Harris
Approx 2 hours per Volume
  Reiki Council Publishing
Released:  2008

5 Volumes - Sent 1 per month
First Month - $14.95
Each Additional Month - $19.95
Charged & Processed Automatically

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CD of the Month Club - Metaphysics 101
Explore the Infinite Power of the Mind & Spirit

The Metaphysics 101 Workshop Series was one of our most popular programs of 2008. Because we know that many of you either couldn't be in Chicago or Wisconsin for 2 months to attend a class or there weren't seats available, we wanted to give you a chance to be a part of it. Connie and I want to offer you the next best thing...

We decided to make the entire series available as a CD of the Month Club! Join in and each month, you will receive a new double-CD volume and mini-workbook containing one entire week's workshop.

The first CD set to arrive contains the complete 72-minute Introductory Lesson on one CD. Then each month, you will receive a new 2-CD volume that include approximately ninety minutes to two hours of lectures, guided meditations, and experiential exercises to help you connect with a new facet of mind-body potential.

Every month, you will receive...

  • Approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours of workshop on CD (The first installment is a 72-min CD)!
  • A guided meditation to help the information become a part of your being.
  • A workshop manual to make note-taking easy.

In each volume, you will...

  • Evolve through the chakra energies by connecting with the wisdom of a particular chakra related to the lesson.
  • Discover one or two new Universal Laws and how to live and work in harmony with them.
  • Experience a guided meditation to help you more deeply embody the understandings presented in the lesson.
  • Explore a major field of study in metaphysics such as manifestation, seeing energies and auras, numerology, past life readings and more.
  • Build on Your Intuition and Psychic Awareness to guide your choices and perceptions through skill-building exercises and insightful new discoveries into how these communication channels work.
  • Engage in carefully selected & designed guided practice exercises to hhelp you master the skills presented.
  • This presentation, written and narrated by Rick Vrenios and Connie Harris, will help you open the doors tostrong> connect with more of who you are as a spiritual being living in a physical body. It will help you understand your world and your place within it.

This 8 Volume Series Includes...

  • Introductory Lesson - The Art & Science of Spiritual Awakening, plus What are the Universal Laws and an Introduction to the Chakras
  • Volume 1 - The Root Chakra and Manifestation: The Secrets of Co-Creation
  • Volume 2 - The Sacral Chakra and Expanding Your Energy Perception - Seeing Energies, Auras, & Entities
  • Volume 3 - The Solar Plexus Chakra and Numerology - Your Personal Frequency
  • Volume 4 - The Heart Chakra and Psychometry - Opening Your Intuition through Sacred Connections
  • Volume 5 - ~In Development~ The Throat Chakra and Astrology - Your Energetic Environment
  • Volume 6 - ~In Development~ The Brow Chakra and Dream Interpretation - The Language of the Soul
  • Volume 7 - ~In Development~ The Crown Chakra and Reincarnation - Connecting With Past Lives through Soul Readings
  • Volume 8 - ~In Development~ The "8th Chakra" and Seeing & Communicating with Angels, Elves, Faeries & Other Spiritual Creatures

Each volume in this workshop series has a depth of wisdom to it that will help you discover more and more each time you listen!

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CD of the Month Club subscriptions may be cancelled prior to the next processing date by calling 630-926-5891 or e-mailing to info@rickvrenios.com.  Please include the name and address on the order and the item purchased to ensure prompt assistance.

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