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BRD:  Therapeutic Reflexology
Reflex Centers of the Foot Instructional 2-Blu-Ray Set

Author:  Rick Vrenios, LMT
Seven Wisdoms Institute
Release:  2016
Volumes:  2 Blu-Ray Disc Set

Length: 3 hours 37 minutes

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Blu-Ray Video in HD
Therapeutic Reflexology Instructional DVDBlu-Ray Video in HD

Get Rick's Complete Video Course
Therapeutic Reflexology:
Reflex Centers of the Feet

Therapeutic Reflexology is the newly released (February 22, 2016) instructional video training course by noted speaker, therapist, and author Rick Vrenios.

Would you like to learn a better system of Reflexology?  Would you like to learn a style that is truly "Blissfully Relaxing" for your clients and gentler and easier on your hands? 

If yes, you want Therapeutic Reflexology!  And now, you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

Reflexology is an in-demand therapeutic modality that has been in use for more than 5000 years and is a perfect supplemental therapy for Massage Therapists. 

Much more than a "foot massage", Therapeutic Reflexology utilizes specific techniques to stimulate the body’s natural reflex zones in the foot, which in turn, helps facilitate a return to balance of organs through the meridian system. 

Therefore, with Therapeutic Reflexology, you will be able to provide a "whole body" therapy.  

Blending Zone Therapy, modern Reflexology concepts, and Energy Balancing into a unique therapeutic system, it provides all the benefits and more that you would experience with traditional Reflexology, and yet it is much more gentle on the practitioner’s hands and joints.

Plus, it is dramatically more pleasant for the client than the often painfully “sharp” and uncomfortable experience of traditional Reflexology. Most clients find it hard to stay awake as they are free to relax into the bliss of sacred peace.

All the while, they are gaining all the healthful benefits and more that they have come to expect from Reflexology.

In this Instructional 2 High-Definition Blu-Ray Set, you will learn...

  • Foundations of Reflexology Concepts and the Therapeutic Approach

  • Essential Reflexology & Energy Techniques

  • The Reflex Centers of the Foot

  • Contraindications and Cautions - When not to give Reflexology, and when to adapt

  • Segment-by-Segment Foot Reflexology Session - Objectives, Reflexes, Best Hand Positions, & Techniques.

  • How to Work Effectively with Ticklish Clients

  • And much more!


What do you get?  The 2-Blu-Ray Disc Set Includes...

  • Disc 1: Foundations & Therapeutic Principles and Hands-On Techniques

  • Disc 2: The 18-Section Therapeutic Protocol

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Acclaim for Therapeutic Reflexology.../strong>
Therapeutic Reflexology Testimonials
Therapeutic Reflexology Testimonials
Therapeutic Reflexology Testimonials
Therapeutic Reflexology Testimonials
Therapeutic Reflexology Testimonials

All Testimonials are from attendees of the live course and were given voluntarily
and without compensation.

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Reg: $79.95,     On-Sale Now: $67.00
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