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What is the Ambassador Program?

We are building a team of positive, energized, success-oriented people who love what we have to offer.  Commonly called an affiliate program, the Rick Vrenios.com Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to be a solution provider for your circle of friends and associates, while getting paid for your results! 

We see our affiliates as so much more than just people who market our products and services.  We call our affiliates Ambassadors because they already know the exceptional value of what we offer. 

Your natural enthusiasm that comes only from having experienced the quality that is a part of everything we offer is infectious, meaning you don't have to "sell".  You share!  You help make positive connections for the people you care about.

Become an Affiliate

In essence, you help your network find the products and educational opportunities that they are already looking for, and in the process, you earn a commission on sales for your work.

I strongly believe best way to succeed is through working together in a way in which everyone wins.  Your network is connected with the services and products that will help them in tangible ways.  You earn extra money through commissions from your efforts.  In fact, your earnings are only limited by you.  And, I get the joy of sharing my programs, my vision, and my inspiration with more people.

As the famous quote says, "Working together, we all succeed."

How does the Ambassador Program Work?

As an Ambassador, you will have access to our affiliate area.  In that area of the web site, you will find marketing tools, ideas, and guidance.

You will receive a unique affiliate ID that allows our system to track the activity of prospects and customers.  We believe in empowering our Ambassadors to succeed and in transparency.  In the affiliate area of our web site, you can check the level of response you get from your promotional efforts and track your earned commissions.

Some of those marketing tools include:
* Pre-written E-mails that you can use or customize
* Banner ads that you can use on your web site or e-mails
* Text ads that you can use on your web site or e-mails
* Text links that you can use on your web site or e-mails
* Video that you can embed or link to on your web site
* Information about scheduling an information packed webinar for your network to attend that will include an offer for a product or educational program.
* Details for hosting or organizing an online course or live event in your area.
* And more!

Once each month, we pay commissions to affiliates who have earned money through our system.  Payments are made in US Dollars automatically through PayPal.  You must have a PayPal business account to receive commission payments.  If you do not have one, you may sign up here:  http://www.paypal.com.

Do I get ongoing support?

Absolutely.  We are here to answer your questions, to help overcome challenges, and to provide the tools you need to succeed.

Will I be an employee of Rick Vrenios.com?

No.  You will be an independent contractor responsible for your own taxes.  Affiliates are expected to adhere to governing laws applicable to earned income.

If you earn more than $600 in commissions in a calendar year, you may receive a 1099 form which is also filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

How are commissions calculated?

We offer a generous starting commission for standard sales.  From time to time, we may offer bonus programs as an incentive for you, and we may have special offers with commissions that pay higher percentages or flat commission fees.

In addition, we also periodically review the performance of Ambassadors and offer increases in commission percentage for high performers.

Certain classes and products may not subject to commission payout, such as back-end sales and upsells.  Those will be clearly identified.

What if I refer someone who becomes an Ambassador?

As mentioned before, word of mouth is the best advertising there is!  We want to reward you for helping us connect with positive, enthusiastic people who will spread the word.

We will pay you a smaller percentage of commissionable sales resulting from people directly referred by you.  We support a 1-level downline for commissions.

Are there other benefits?

We're working on it!  Incentives, opportunities to attend classes for free or at healthy discounts, and more are part of the plan.  You can even help guide our future.  You get a voice to convey the desires of your network - what do they want to learn or explore?  What solutions do they want?  What would help serve them better.

And, we're invested in your success.  If you have ideas and suggestions for how we can better support you and your work as an Ambassador, we are listening!

How do I get started?

It's easy!  Sign up here with this quick application.  We'll review it, and let you know if you've accepted as quickly as possible.  If yes, you'll get an e-mail with our congratulations and instructions for how to get started.

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