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Rick Vrenios is a noted therapist, author, speaker, and educator in the field of body-mind-spirit health and potential. He has been practicing and teaching self-help, spirituality, and body-mind-spirit healing modalities since 1985. Based on his Soul’s Design and Voices of the Chakras work, he is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on the Chakra System.

As a former resident of Hawaii and having the rare privilege of studying the healing and spiritual practices within two native Hawaiian lineages simultaneously, Rick has dedicated his life to living and carrying forward the wisdom and practices of ancient Hawaii. The Hawaiian perspective adds a unique spirit and understanding to all of his presentations.

Rick maintains a private practice specializing in spiritual and energy healing methods, along with one-on-one coaching/mentorship. His philosophy is that real and lasting healing requires an integration on all levels.  Rick's multi-faceted approach can facilitate the journey physically, energetically, and spiritually, and he often works in partnership with medical health care providers to add the energetic and spiritual component to modern health care systems.

As an author, Rick has written and published two books, including his ground-breaking Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom, and created or co-created 13 audio CD programs.

As a speaker and teacher, he is an award-winning educator who presents programs extensively throughout the United States and internationally on a variety of spiritual and natural healing topics. He has been a guest lecturer on the therapeutic applications and benefits of energy medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and his reputation for excellence has attracted students from across the U.S. and from 16 foreign countries around the world.

And, his work has been featured on radio and television and in national publications, such as Esquire Magazine, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Magazine, Different Strokes, and Day Spa Magazine.

About Linda Arigi




Linda Arigi focuses on healing of the self and others.  She believes this is a parallel path, working with the internal and the external universes and how they can be understood, interpreted, corrected and applied in our daily lives. 

Linda has studied the Hawaiian traditions of healing and has been given the blessings of her teachers to pass on this wisdom to others.  She is especially interested in healing with the elemental forces of nature and with ho’oponopono, or the art of making things right, which often begins externally but must be completed by bringing the understandings out from deep inside of the client or student.  Linda has spent many months in the islands with her teachers as well as leading healing retreats for others.

Linda Arigi

Currently Linda is deeply involved in the study of Kriya Yoga, a vast undertaking that she feels will be of great benefit to her students and clients.  Working with meditation, mantra, and astrology among many other methods has enriched her understandings and added much to the workshops that we teach. 

Linda has studied the Japanese healing methods and philosophies of Reiki with several internationally-known teachers, including training in Japan with a Japanese teacher.  She has visited the grave of the founder, Usui Mikao, as well as Kurama-san, the mountain and temples where he spent time contemplating his teachings and had his satori (enlightenment) on how to bring his methods out to the world.  With these studies she has a unique viewpoint and understanding of the foundational philosophy and cultural wisdom of this system to support her students and clients.

Linda also maintains a private energy healing practice, in which she applies the system that best fits the needs of the client, as well as using expert listening and ho’oponopono skills to involve the client in his/her own healing process.


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